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leafremoval-boxDavis Outdoor Solutions can handle all your leaf removal needs in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

Leaves left on the lawn can cause tremendous damage by blocking sunlight and retaining excess moisture. Small quantities of leaves can be mulched in place but significant volumes should be removed to promote healthy grass growth in the spring.

We take care of leaf removal, whether you prefer full service or would rather rake your leaves to the curb yourself.

We offer a regular maintenance schedule or you may call us as needed. Your home is likely your biggest investment. Let us keep it maintained and looking good. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Full Service Leaf Removal

Our full service leaf removal is a one stop top to bottom cleaning. We will remove leaves and debris from the roof, gutters, planter beds, decks, paved areas, and lawn.  If you prefer, we can also vacuum up the leaves and take them away, or leave them in an area of your choosing to be composted or collected by your municipal collection service.

Besides being unsightly, leaves can produce a heavy mat on your lawn, blocking the light and creating blighted patches next spring. Let us remove the leaves for you and leave your lawn looking well groomed.

Leaf Mulch Delivery

We can deliver leaf mulch to your property to be added to your compost or place it in your garden spot to be tilled into the soil for organic fertilizer.  Leaf mulch works great for loosening soils and adding organic material.  It also encourages beneficial organisms in the soil.  Because we have an abundance of shredded leaves in the fall, this can be a very low cost material, depending on delivery distances.

Curbside Vacuum Leaf Collection

Whether you live in an area not covered by municipal leaf collection, or are just tired of waiting on the city to finally get to you, our curb side leaf collection is a great service for the do it yourselfer.  Just rake or blow your leaves within 10 feet of any drive surface and our professional technitions will come and vacuum them up and take them away.  No more watching them blow back onto the lawn after spending hours getting them to the curb.  No need to buy boxes and boxes of bags and spend all afternoon stuffing millions of leaves into them.  With a few days notice, we can usually schedule collection within 48 hours of when you deposit your leaves! 

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.
Davis Outdoor Solutions has won the Angie's List Super Service Awards in multiple categories for the last five years. See our reviews at Angie's List.

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