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Davis Outdoor Solutions is Chattanooga's Premier Autumn Lawn Care ExpertsAutumn Lawn Care: Summer can leave lawns hard and patchy even with regular summer time lawn maintenance, all those family gatherings and outdoor activities can have an effect on your lawn. Autumn is the best time to have Davis Outdoor Maintenance prepare your lawn for a strong winter and healthy spring growth.

Here are the steps we perform to prepare your lawn for the winter months to come:

  • We scratch out thatch or “scarify” thatch. Treat moss and make sure it is dead before scarifying; raking live moss spreads the problem around.
  • We Aerate your lawn in the autumn. This is easiest when the soil is moist, however, we know the different techniques for how to best aerate your lawn.
  • We apply top-dressing directly after aerating, spreading the mixture evenly over the surface. Top-dressing is usually made using 3 parts sandy loam, 6 parts horticultural sand, and 1 part peat substitute (such as composted bark or coir). We prepare a mix that is specifically designed for your lawn's needs.
  • We work the top-dressing well into the grass and the air holes using the techniques we have learned through years of experience. To make the job easier, we sometimes allow the mixture to dry slightly before brushing it in.
  • We apply a fall lawn fertilizer at the rate for an even spread, scatter half the fertilizer in one direction and the other half at right angles to it, this keeps an even distribution of nutrients while keeping the grass safe from over fertilization.
  • If the lawn looks sparse, we seed the sparse areas with a seed type to match the rest of the lawn and use about half the amount recommended for sowing a new lawn so the new growth blends nicely with existing grass as it comes in.

It does not have to be overly expensive to have an amazing looking lawn for your residential or commercial property. Usually it simply takes a qualified landscaping company such as Davis Outdoor Solutions to perform year round maintenance at a lower monthly cost than when hired to perform overly complex rescue jobs a couple of times a year. Call us today to discuss what we can do for your lawn.

Davis Outdoor Solutions is Chattanooga's Premier Sod Installation ExpertsCaring for your New Sod


Day 0-14: It is important to get the water through the sod and into the soil below the sod. You must water the sod to the depth of 3-4" in the soil underneath the sod. Water each day for at least 20 minutes in each area of the lawn. Watering a second time each day is HIGHLY recommended if the temperature is over 65° and sunny. The sod must be kept wet and never let the grass wilt.

Do not fertilize or mow the lawn yet.

Day 14-21: The sod is established when it is attached to the ground and cannot be pulled up. At Day 14, watering can be backed off to every other day. If the lawn is not rooting, you may not be watering enough. Before watering the lawn, cut the grass as needed. Do not remove more than a third of the grass plant at one time while cutting. In general, keep the lawn at 3’’ to 4’’ during the establishment period.

Do not fertilize the lawn yet.

Day 21 and beyond: You can begin to cut the lawn as needed. The lawn should be fairly well rooted and can take normal wear and tear. At this point, we recommend beginning a 7-step fertilization and weed control program. We are happy to provide pricing for this service if you are interested!

  • You may walk on the lawn to move sprinklers, but keep non-essential foot traffic to an absolute minimum during the initial establishment period.
  • If the edges between the sod pull apart or are separating, you are not applying enough water. The sod is shrinking and pulling apart.
  • Make sure to water along pavement surfaces when the temperatures are warmer, as the sod will literally bake next to the hot surface during the establishment period.

Davis Outdoor Solutions is your one call for new sod. When you need Sod installation or complete Sod install and maintenance, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it now for the new sod you have been dreaming of!

Top 10 Ways Great Landscaping Can Help Improve Your Business Landscaping work can involve installing walkways and water features to planting flowers and trees. The aesthetic benefits of it are obvious, but there are many more commercial benefits that a great landscape can provide.If you need convincing to take the first step, here are 10 ways that it can help improve your Chattanooga business.

  • Increased property value – and business value It’s a common theme for business- and homeowners alike – when you sell, your property has to look its best so it will sell fast and for a higher price. Even if you hold onto it, it can encourage improvement of the general area and increase the market value. You can attract more wealthy customers into the neighborhood, and more tourists.
  • A great first impression In business, a first impression is invaluable, and it starts outside the building. The best way to express your company’s values and taste to prospective clients, investors, and business partners before they even set foot in the door is to ensure the grounds are faultless.
  • Attract customers Not only will a great landscape look inviting to guests, it can be a smart, green advertisement to anyone passing by. It gives a positive impression of your customer service and abilities, and will keep existing customers returning, too.
  • More usable space Landscaping can open up new opportunities for use of commercial grounds to the advantage of customers and employees.
  • A positive environment There is nothing better than working in a building where you can see greenery, spot wildlife, and hear less traffic – all possible with the right additions of plants and trees.
  • Be a “green” company Improve your image in the community with less concrete and more native plants. Locals will look favorably on your business and be more likely to visit, or use your services.
  • Lower energy costs It’s surprising how much temperature control you can get by protecting your building from the wind in winter and providing shade for it in summer. Without the same fluctuations between hot and cold, you don’t have to spend as much on air conditioning or heating.
  • Greater productivity With the improved environment and cleaner air from oxygen-giving plants, workers will be less stressed, and this will be seen in their work.
  • Less crime The intelligent placement of both lights and plants give the impression of a safer area, deterring criminals and lowering crime rates.
  • Greater profits The ultimate consequence of all the above benefits is greater profits. Your business can flourish as it looks good, and feels good.


Undeniably, landscaping is a great investment for your company. If you want it done by experts who provide an excellent service and attention to detail, and are highly experienced in the climate and topography of Chattanooga, Davis Outdoor Solutions is waiting for you to get in touch. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it now for the commercial landscaping solutions to improve your business!

It's so easy for commercial property owners to underestimate how valuable landscaping elements are for both their employees and their clients. The sometimes underappreciated advertising potential of an attractive design, and the impact on the client and employee experience, often are the first casualties when landscaping services are neglected.

Yet it does not have to be an extraordinarily expensive proposition to provide your office building with the same curb appeal you want for your home. Contact Davis Outdoor Solutions today and let us design an attractive commercial landscape on a modest budget.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.

Chattanooga's Award Winning Landscape & Lawn Care Company.
Davis Outdoor Solutions has won the Angie's List Super Service Awards in multiple categories for the last five years. See our reviews at Angie's List.

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